Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holy crap, I'm glad that's over

The presentation to the school board is finished.  So much time preparing and the anticipation was definitely the worst part.  What should we add?  What should we not include?  What possible questions will they have about this or that?  What should we wear?

All pressing questions.

Anessa and I rocked out the math portion.  I'm still so in awe about how well her kids did last year on the math OAT test.  Completely off the charts with respect to how much progress they made in a year.  

She and I are meeting next week again to work some more on the extended response math journals.  We knocked out the Kindergarten one in a little over an hour.  Hopefully the teachers will think that it's as awesome as we do!

Anyway - BLT team, we knocked it out.  Everyone knew their stuff, we got to show off a little of what we've done at Woodlawn Elementary School.  

Testing's over, let's wrap up this school year.

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