Thursday, June 25, 2009

My dainty princess

Today is Z's birthday. 3 years ago right now I was staring in wonder at my very tiny but perfect little girl.

Should I continue the Parsons' tradition of sharing the birth story on the birthday? Sure!

I'd been on bed rest for about 10 days in the hospital. Modified home bed rest (you know how well I follow directions) at the beginning of May which turned into full bed rest at home (again, I can do "one" load of laundry, can't I?) at the end of May and then full hospital bed rest the middle of June. My original due date was July 29th. Ugh. I guess I should have listened to the medical professionals, eh?

So, I can only get up to go potty or shower. Bet your butt I showered every single day! And being 7 almost 8 months pregnant, I had to pee a lot. I made it through several seasons of CSI, CSI Miami and got addicted to Desperate Housewives during this time. Thank goodness for wireless internet, too!

So, my blood pressure kept rising and it finally stayed too elevated and the doctor said we were going to induce me at 35 weeks. Cervadil was put in place and I was also given a happy sleeping pill. Little did I know this would be the last good night's sleep I'd have for a VERY long time!

Sunday morning, June 25th about 7:30 I was taken to labor and delivery. Doc said it would probably take a VERY long time since I was only dilated about 1 cm. Pitosin given via IV and epidural started. Water broke on it's own.

I didn't know how low at the time, but Z's heart rate would take a significant dip each time I had a contraction. Finally about 2:45 Dr. LeMaster's decided to do a c-section because Z just wasn't tolerating the labor. Since she'd be a preemie anyway, we didn't want to take any chances.

3:07 pm Z was born. I wish I'd been able to see - can't wear your glasses during an operation - but they brought her close to my face after they cleaned her up a bit. She had little perfect little face, skinny red limbs, long fingers and toes. Only weighing in at 5 lbs. 4.8 oz., she was so small!

Fortunately, I'd been given steroid shots and her lungs were great and she was able to stay with us the first night in the hospital. No NICU! :-)

She's definitely the best thing that I've ever done. She's a pretty cool kid.

I do have to post, along with this, how she fell asleep yesterday in her new princess dress from Mamaw and tiara watching Little Mermaid received from Uncle Mikey and Aunt Krista for her birthday,
Happy birthday my sweet girl!

Off we go.......

into the wild, blue yonder!

Yeah, that used to drive me crazy as a kid when EVERY time we'd get in the car for a vacation my dad would burst into this song. Now it brings back fond memories of family vacations.

Every summer we'd take off IN THE CAR to a far off destination. Yup. In the car. The destinations were great! I slept most of the way where ever we went in the car. Lucky thing about being a kid!

This will be our first family vacation in the car. We usually make a trek to Florida to visit my dad and SM but it's via a wonderful but alas too expensive now AIRPLANE!

We're taking off tomorrow evening after Chris gets home from work. Here's hoping I get a nap in tomorrow since I'll be taking the first shift driving. Unlucky part about being a grown up.

So, wish us luck that our two VERY chatty children will sleep the night hours and be quietly (ha!) entertained by the various electronic media we'll be taking with us.

Hasta luego amigos!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mobile Me!

My darling husband set me up with a Mobile Me account which will sync ALL my calendars, email and photos! Whoohoo! I can also now add a photo gallery like he has on his blog site. Hmmmm, I might have to migrate over to iWeb stuff and set my blog up that way.....

Gallery will be: