Thursday, June 25, 2009

Off we go.......

into the wild, blue yonder!

Yeah, that used to drive me crazy as a kid when EVERY time we'd get in the car for a vacation my dad would burst into this song. Now it brings back fond memories of family vacations.

Every summer we'd take off IN THE CAR to a far off destination. Yup. In the car. The destinations were great! I slept most of the way where ever we went in the car. Lucky thing about being a kid!

This will be our first family vacation in the car. We usually make a trek to Florida to visit my dad and SM but it's via a wonderful but alas too expensive now AIRPLANE!

We're taking off tomorrow evening after Chris gets home from work. Here's hoping I get a nap in tomorrow since I'll be taking the first shift driving. Unlucky part about being a grown up.

So, wish us luck that our two VERY chatty children will sleep the night hours and be quietly (ha!) entertained by the various electronic media we'll be taking with us.

Hasta luego amigos!

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