Monday, September 7, 2009

A Tour Down Memory Lane

I rarely go back to my hometown of Lebanon, IN. My 10-year High School Reunion was the last occasion I have really been for any length of time. I pretty much went to college, came back for the summer between my freshman and sophomore years and that was it. My mom doesn't live there any more and aside from the visits with my two aunts who live there (which, I am sorry to say are too few and far between), I just haven't felt compelled to go. No offense to my friends that call Lebanon home, it just wasn't for me.

This past weekend however, we had a Westerfield Family Reunion at Memorial Park and when Mom told me about it on Friday I said SURE! Most of my mom's family I haven't seen in ages and Z has never been to Lebanon in her short 3 years of life.

I got to Lebanon a few minutes before we were due to be at the park so Z and I took the grand tour and got some photos of some of my favorite places -

Coming into Lebanon - this is the first exit, out by the Boone County Fairgrounds. Many a 4-H project was entered by yours truly.
This is the front porch of the first house I lived in on Main St. I loved playing on that porch! We had one of those wooden porch swings I remember fondly. We lived there until the summer before Kindergarten.

This is the house we moved into right before Kindergarten. This is the one thing that made me very sad on my visit. This was a great house with awesome trees, including some planted by yours truly and they're mostly gone. The house just looked so run down. The rock is still there by the mailbox though!

This is our house on Washington St. where I spent my high school years. Our band director lived one street over so many many Fridays before band competitions were spent at my house before we snuck over to do something to the outside of his house. Don't worry, we always went back on Sundays to clean it up.

My elementary school which looks pretty much the same. Central stars!
My high school (yes, I skipped visiting the Middle School. Middle School just sucked) which looks pretty much the same from this angle as it did when my parents went there in the 60's.

Alright, there are more photos, but it's taking too many steps to get them where I want them here. Check out the mobile me gallery to see the rest!

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