Monday, September 6, 2010

Magical/Super Powers I Wish I Had

When I was little, I remember thinking Wonder Woman was just the coolest thing EVER!  Well, next to Barbie.  Hey, I was a kid!  

I still think she's pretty wicked - someday perhaps I'll get that costume for Halloween!  Zoe has a Wonder Woman shirt from Old Navy and it's quite cute!

So, anyhoooooo.....

Magical Powers!  I have had a recurring dream where I've been given the ability to fly and it is absolutely amazing!  I love that feeling!  That is a magical power I wish I had!

There are others, of course:

Invisibility.  How fun would it be to mess with people while you're invisible?  Hee hee.....

Right now I'd love the ability to wave a wand and have Zoe fall into a sweet slumber.  She fell asleep super quick both last night and Saturday night.  Tonight?  Huh uh.  

I'd also like to be able to be completely rested after a short amount of sleep.  I'm a mom, wife and teacher.  Any ONE of those things completely wears me out.  I'd love to be able to give my daughter, husband and the teachers/students I work with the amount of devotion they each deserve without feeling like a wrung out dishrag.  

I don't know what magical power it would be, but I'd love to be able to have two people or sides sit down and be able to see each other's view point without being STUCK that theirs is the ONLY right one.  Our country is very polarized right now and quite frankly I'm more scared about the closed mindedness than almost anything else.  Are we really that superior we only think ourselves as right?  

This post has become very scattered so I'll sign off now.

What magical power would you like to have?

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