Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's that time again.....

Parent - Teacher Conferences.

I've been batting about 50% with prescheduled and then I can usually hit another 30-40% with a reminder note sent home.  This is one time of the year (well, two) when the parents get me all to themselves for an entire 20 minutes to discuss only one thing - their child.

Why would you not take advantage of this?  I've got data, people.  I can show you where your child started, where they need to be, the progress towards goals and what the next steps are.  

The kiddos I have this year are almost ALL where they need to be!  All children deserve to make at least a year's worth of growth while they are in my care and we work our BUTTS off!  Come celebrate your child with me!

Even if your child isn't where they "should" be at this time of the year, there has been GROWTH!  And I have a plan if you'll just step out on faith with me and do some leg-work at home.  

I have a child who, when writing a letter to President Obama on inauguration day said "Maybe I'll be the president."  He could be.  

Let's show your children that we are a team and they have done some hard work and while there's more hard work to do, we're going to do it together!

See you Tuesday night.  Or Thursday.

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