Saturday, January 16, 2010

My tall child

It occurred to me earlier this week that Zoe has been able to reach the light switches without grabbing her stool from her room! When did that happen? I already know she's going to be taller than me. According to the pediatrician and the growth charts she's in the 90th percentile for her age in height. Chris and I must both be carrying the recessive TALL gene because neither one of us are tall at all (sorry honey, you're not) but we both have tall relatives. My grandmother was a tall woman if I remember correctly.

If she continues growing at the same rate, she'll be 5' 6 1/2" as an adult. That puts her over 2 inches taller than me and almost as tall as her father. Put a pair of heels on her and she'll be downright statuesque! If she's anything like me, she'll definitely be wearing those heels, too!

Also, her new game to play is "I'm the mom, you're the honey." Of course she only wants the fun mommy stuff, she won't fold clothes or empty the trash or anything. But it's fun watching her play - she's definitely into the cooperative play thing now. I sometimes sneak in to watch her play before she sees me at pick-up time at her school.

She's always in some sort of outfit, too. Soon as we get home, she's either got a princess dress on or a million bead necklaces. Definitely dramatic! I see lots of musicals, show choir and recitals in our future.

I love being a mom! Oh, wait. I'm the honey.

Then why am I writing lesson plans while she gets to watch Tinkerbell? Hmph.

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KatieJones said...

I am de-lurking myself!