Friday, January 30, 2009

Alright, enough is enough

Seriously.  I've now been off school for 4 days.  One day - whoohoo!  Nice to sleep in.  Z and I played outside in the snow.  Fun!

Day 2 - Can't leave the house, too slick.  Chris even got two exits up the road and headed back home.  That's something because he usually will slog through.  Roads were really bad.  

Day 3 - Huh?  Really?  What's going on?  Good thing I had a disc of House episodes to watch!  I did help the neighbor get his car out of the driveway.  Yup, me and an elderly gentleman.  We are strong, what can I say?

Day 4 - Thought we just had a two hour delay.  I was up, showered and drying my hair when the phone buzzes.  Closed.  Ugh.

Four days with no structure is no good for my students either!  There are a couple I know who's parents are working with them, reading their 6-Min
ute Solution passages, practicing math facts, reading stories.  Then there are some who, unfortunately, are not.  Time is always something we are short on at school and now 4 days are gone.  There's work to be done Mother Nature!  Lighten up and let us get back to it!

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Jayme said...

unymendoI hear ya sister! That last one was a whammy...and now we begin a new week with a week of frolicking and playing in the white stuff. Let's be honest, tomorrow they will all be asleep still, cause playing in the snow make s you really tired. Tuesday through Friday they will all be wishing they were making snow forts. And the idea of making days up at the end of the school year is not good. grrrrrr.... Be careful, it's still slippery!