Sunday, January 4, 2009



Meet the 'Oeys. Joey and Zoe. I title this friends because one thing I hope for my daughter is lasting friendships. I hope we have pictures of the 'Oeys for decades to come.

In my life, probably the biggest regret is that I have been terrible at maintaining friendships. I don't mean I need to have 50 close friends. I don't think I could keep up. Friends from my childhood? Hardly any. I have one person I would call a true friend from high school. One. College? Huh uh.

To me a friendship is more than superficial. It's spending time, talking on the phone, seeing little gifts that because you know that person so well you know it will be perfect, listening and being listened to with a swift kick in the rear when you need it.

I have these kind of friends now. You know who you are. I'm so grateful to have adult friendships.

So this is my hope for my daughter, the whole roots and wings thing. Roots being good friends that are there for you no matter what. Long lasting close friendships with people who've been there and done that with you and still like you!
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Davisix said...

I loved this post. I just spent the last week with my best friends. I don't have many but the ones I have mean more to me than I can even say. And some of them I haven't had for very long. That doesn't matter...I now have friendships that will last a lifetime...I hope. I think that a few best friends is better than 50 "just friends". Sorry to go on and just caught me missing the girls after having spent 4 days with them. Again, great post. :) Ang