Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Improvement Phase II


Over the summer I threw my hat into the ring of home improvement and painted Z's room "Sassy Lilac". Not too bad for my first foray into painting, if I do say so myself. There are of course spots I see when we're in her room playing dollhouse or reading before bed.

Today Chris and I headed off to Lowe's again and got a gallon of Chase's favorite color - blue - and rolled and trimmed out Chase's bedroom. We didn't bother with tape this time and instead bought this little gadget that promised we could "trim like a pro." Yeah. Ummmm. I did better with just the trim brush. We'll be making quite a few touch ups with the white trim paint around the trim and windows. Ha!

Perhaps by the time we get around to doing our own bedroom, we'll have this down to a science!
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Davisix said...

You have no idea how desperately I need to paint our house. We haven't lived here long. The folks before us apparently had a "thing" for yellow and blue. I'm not kidding...if the walls are yellow then the carpet is blue and vice versa. Yea, it's a little much. Even my kitchen countertops are blue. So, that's my new year's plan...paint! Wanna come and practice? :) Ang