Monday, December 29, 2008

My baby


Well, not a baby anymore, I guess. She started big girl school today!

I had Chris go with me, not only to meet her teacher but to drag me out of there if I was hovering or if Z was having a rough time.

Today was her first official day at her new preschool/daycare and she LOVED it! This picture was taken in front of the building before we went in. I was worried as she looked apprehensive and was hoping the transition from in-home babysitter to child care center would be smooth.

We walked in, met her teacher and put her coat away in her cubby. She let me take another picture with a new friend and was eyeballing the toys on the shelf the whole time. I asked for a hug and a kiss and next thing I knew, she was out in the large motor room playing with another little girl. Chris and I get ready to leave and we notice the other kids are all cleaning up and there's my Z, in line with the other kids getting ready for a snack. Like she'd been there forever!

It was bittersweet for me. I was happy she liked her new school but sad that my baby was growing up so fast. If only I could freeze her in time right now. But then we would miss out on so much more that's coming.
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