Sunday, February 14, 2010


Not for me, but for my SS.

It must be really hard to be two different people.

With us, he's an energetic, video-game loving, typical 9-year old boy who adores his daddy and uncle and is constantly seeking their attention and approval. SS is only with us every other weekend so approximately 4 days/month our house is a much louder place but that's usually ok. He listens (most of the time - he is a 9 year old boy) and usually seems at peace with the arrangement at hand.

We hear from others who get to experience him when he's with his mom that he's a totally different kid. Apparently he broke the french doors in his new house shortly after they moved in. Not the kid I know.

I think he feels guilty because he misses his dad and knows there is more structure here, he's allowed to be a kid and not his mother's emotional supporter. My husband plays WITH him and doesn't just drag him from sporting event to sporting event and give him things to entertain him.

Up until about 2 (I think) years ago, it was just him and his mom. Along comes a new SF and with him a new step-brother. A younger step-brother. And in April his mom's having a baby.

My heart breaks for him. He just doesn't seem himself the closer we get to the birth of this baby.

But his mother won't ever give up, claiming she's with him all the time (ummm, no. Usually he's with my MIL or us on the weekends and even MIL's sometimes during the week.) and she would miss him soooooooo much.

I am of the opinion she'd miss the child support.

I have very little control over this aspect of my life and if you know me at all, you know how extremely difficult that is for me to handle. I have removed SS's mom from my head and haven't seen her in probably a year which is just fine with me. Out of sight, out of mind.

I do wish things were easier for SS. Right now I'm just sad for him.

Cute kid, eh?

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Donna said...

he is a super kid and he has a super dad (and step-mom!) mama needs to do the right thing for him, not her....